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Downtown Denver Location 

(Minimum Order $200)

Lakewood-Belmar Location

(Minimum Order $200)

Our Catering Options

Option 1: Group Platters

Group Platters serve approximately 10-12 people. Just tell us how many people and which selection below and we will provide an assortment of our delicious sandwiches on both white and wheat bread. Let us know if you need more or less of certain sandwiches and we can make the adjustment (prices may be adjusted to cover any changes).**

  • Classic Subs Group Platter for 10 people: $52.50
  • Signature Subs Group Platter for 10 people: $62.50
  • ½ Classic & ½ Signature Group Platter for 10 people: $57.50
  • Assortment of Chips – $14.00 for 10 people
  • Assortment of Cookies – $14.00 for 10 people
*Sandwiches come with lettuce and tomato.
*Mayo and Mustard comes on the side.

Option 2: Lunch Boxes


Individual Lunch Boxes include a regular sandwich with lettuce and tomato, chips and a cookie. Just tell us what sandwiches you would like and we will take care of the rest. We can also provide additional toppings on the side for people to add to their sandwiches themselves.**

  • Classic Subs: $8.60/lunch box
  • Signature Subs: $9.60/lunch box
  • Additional toppings are $1.00/8 oz. container


Customized lunch boxes include a regular sandwich with chips and a cookie. For individually customized sandwiches, use our Order Form, pass it around to the group and let everyone design their own sandwich and topping combinations.**

  • Classic Subs: $9.10/lunch box
  • Signature Subs: $10.10/lunch box

Option 3: Personalized Catering for Large Events

  • Classic Subs include Turkey, Ham, Tuna, BLT, Veggie Melt, and Spicy Pesto Melt
  • Signature Subs include STACK, Italian, Club, Roast Beef, and Pastrami
  • We request a day-ahead lead time for orders larger than 20 people
  • We request at least 1-hour lead time for catering orders between 10 and 20 people – preferably more if possible
  • Minimum Order on Individual Lunch Boxes is $30
  • Minimum $200 for Delivery Order and 10% gratuity to be included in order

**Pretzel rolls, avocado, and other add-ons are available for our standard additional charges. **Delivery charges may apply.